Amanda Coimbra was born in Brasil, she got a degree on Visual Arts at “School of the Art Institute of Chicago”,she was also an exchange student at Burren College of Art in Ireland.
She was part of many exhibitions such as, the ArTBash, in Betty Rymer Gallery in 2008,from 2008-2009 Nippon Steel U.S.A. Inc., 16th Annual Art Appreciation Program: Presidential Adward Exhibitions, in Chicago. Personas to March: Burren College of Art Undergraduate Exhibition in Ireland on 2009. Picture Berlin,  APPARTEMENT and Last Call in Berlin, Germany in 2010. On 2011 BFA Exhibition, at School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Amanda Coimbra


Brasil in the collective conscience

07.11.2012 to 26.11.2012

During the month of October the Brazilian artist Amanda Coimbra will be developing a project in collaboration with Argentine artists. Amanda seeks to investigate images of Brazil that we Argentines  have in our collective conscience, asking those involved in the project to draw these images to which then -through the cliché-verre process- Amanda will construct a large mural that expresses the collective ideas about her country.


Argentina and Brasil are neighboring countries who have always had a strong relationship that flows between friendship, respect, and rivalry. Today with the democratization that digital photography has created, even argentines who have never visited Brasil already know the country through thousands of images. During our lives we accumulate impressions and even memories of places all over the world, even if we have not visited them personally, because of the circulation of an infinite amount of photographs. The objective of the project is to search for, and find Brazil in the argentine collective consciousness through the “Cliché-verre” process.

“Cliché-verre” is a process that integrates photography and drawing. A drawing made on a transparent material is placed on top of the photographic paper when exposing it to light in the darkroom. Using this process, the project proposes to ask distinct argentines that they draw on a piece of acetate what they feel symbolizes Brazil. These drawings are then used as negatives in the darkroom and are transformed into photographs.

The idea is to produce produce photographs through drawings as a way to address the ambiguity existent between photogaphy and memory. Establishing a strong link of collaboration and dialogue between both countries can reveal to us how the Brazilians are perceived, and how much we have in common. 

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