Exposición Colectiva


Episodes and Itineraries

23.01.2007 to 09.03.2007

Part of The Boston Printmakers 2007 North American Print Biennial, Episodes & Itineraries presents six site-specific installations on the walls-floor-windows of sherman Gallery by six artists of different generations who originate from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay. Using printmaking as the primary medium, the installations reflect connections and antagonisms among the South American artists and between works of different context and texture. The exhibition put together a strong body of work in print media introducing six site-specific installations on the walls/floor/glasses of the Sherman Gallery. The installations will reflect the coincidences and antagonisms, dialogues and reflections between works of different context and texture and among South American artists from different generations. Despite their artistic differences (from Bonomi's abstraction to Migliorisi's hard expressionism), all these artists have a strong preoccupation with the re-invention of print media in response to new necessities of expression. For they selected/invented technique is the culminating point of a search for a contemporary medium capable to re-position printmaking as a category of contemporary art . 

Episodes & Itineraries can be read simultaneously as episodic - presenting a diversity of styles that express distinct cultural and political points of view - and also as an itinerary - a route that can be followed across the gallery offering the viewer a new perspective on South American Printmaking. In this way, the exhibition seeks to redefine the myth of the Latin American artist. Far from naive expressionism or fanatic realism, the artist propose a new interpretation of Latin Cultural and artistic identity. The exhibition is curated by Alicia Candiani, who is also featured artist.