Bokyung Jun
1979. Seoul, South Korea

Artist, Co-founder and current member of ETC (Enterprise of Temporary Consensus) and Z-After

PHD 2016 cum laude in Painting, Ewha womans University, Seoul
MFA 2010 cum laude in New Form, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY
MFA 2007 cum laude in Digital Media, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI
B FA 2002 cum laude in Painting and Printmaking, Ewha womans University, Seoul
Solo Exhibitions:
2016 The Song of Sirens: Shining Dissonance, TEMI Artist Residency, Deajeon
2015 Conversation between Slant Cones, Gallery Chosun, Seoul
Selected Group Exhibitions:
2018 In-visible, Incheon Art Platform, Incheon
2017 Unused space project, The Buk Seoul Museum, Seoul
2017 Koganecho Bazaar 2017, Yokohama, Japan
Artist Residency:
2017: Koganecho Bazaar, Yokohama, Japan
2016: ZK/U (Center for Art and Urbanistik), Germany
2016: TEMI Artist Residency, Deajeon
2012: Space Beam International Residency, Incheon
Grant/ Award:
2018: Exhibition Grant, Incheon Art Platfrom, Incheon
2016: Grant by Art Council Korea for international residency participation
2015: Visual art Grant by Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture

Bokyung Jun



21.11.2018 to 14.12.2018

Lapis Philosophorum 

Bokyung Jun is interested in the relationship between art and non-art as well as history and personal memory. Her work based on the interview with people who have a hand craft oriented job for a long time. She is inspired by these people “non-art realm” and finds ‘new sensibility of aesthetics’ in real life, which is not included in the traditional aesthetics. She invites local craftsman as her ignorant masters and documents their life stories. Finally, she interprets, deconstructs, and reconstructs interview with history, myth, literature to write a poem for the interviewee’s life. In doing so, two opposite narratives- personal oral statements and facts to re-write his/story. This is a way to make invisible, inaudible, and unsayable stories to be part of new history.

is a video about Lidia Quipildor who has been working in Proyect ‘ace for 10 years. She is responsible for the maintenance and meal in ‘ace. She provides caring and nourishing the artists in a silence. But at the same time, she enjoys making craft as her hobby. In tradition, people regarded the art and labor are separated each other but indeed, the workers find out their value and meaning when they read books and talk about art.

In this 2 channel video, I filmed the process of her empanada making as well as craft making. While I am recording the gestures without tools for cooking or making craft, there is no clear distinction between working and art.