Blair Butterfield
1983. USA

Born in Okefenokee Swamp between Florida and Georgia, USA.
San Francisco Art Institute, Central Saint Martins London,
Currently a graduate participant at the University of Hartford’s Nomad9 MFA program for regenerative culture. 
Full time cultural practitioner. Founder and Director of Art of Cultural Evolution a non profit dedicated to fostering a sustainable future for all. 

Recent Exhibitions:
2018 Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami
2017 El Laberinto Projects El Salvador with Nomad9
2016 Cultural Facilities Grant Winner for Colony1 Miami
2008 A Show About Painting, Hackney Wick, London
2006 The Hackney Artists Birthday Exhibition, The Foundry, London;
Future First/History Last, The Residence Gallery, London;
Field of Vision, Institute For New Media, Frankfurt, Germany;
The Last Chance Café, The Residence Gallery, London;
The Creative Swing, RAMPART, London;
2004 Machinista Festival, Glasgow

Blair Butterfield


Hands at Work Exploration

16.07.2018 to 27.07.2018

Blair is an artist committed to the practice placed in the perspective of the anthropocene, following this her artwork has ecological, community and scientific approaches. In Buenos Aires, she has been investigating the link between the city and the Río de la Plata, from an ecological perspective. Blair has followed the edges of the city, where it meets the river and how the river enters our city through the aqueducts, the rain routes, etc. The artist does a work of registration and collection of materials and garbage that is accumulated on the banks and has also contacted different artistic and theoretical collectives related to these issues.

Artist Statement: 

I am primarily interested in examining our evolving human relationship with Nature. My cultural projects happen primarily in the public realm. I use photography, video, and installation art, as well as leading workshops for the creation of conscious communal space. My practice aims to be empathic but objective: What is the human in juxtaposition to Nature? What is our relationship? What was our relationship? How can we create a new relationship? 
These questions are answered through objective observations of the systems that are utilized within a community. Then, I attempt to create a moment of engagement in such systems through the creation of artwork. (...)

Artist Linda Weintraub, author of To Life!, has said that responding to our environmental crisis is the number one challenge of our times. Her book is a compendium of artists who are looking at the issues that surround us, including immigration, food, water, community, ecology, and alternative economies. My cultural practice is directly related to this vital conversation.

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