Graduated from California College of Arts. She has been artist-in-residence at the Kala art Institute from 2007. 

'ace Proyecto, 2012
ToMake Press, in Missoula, Montana,USA, 2011
Studio Angel Flores, Mazatlan, Mexico, 2011
Kala Art Institute 2007-2013

dance anywhere®,Installation Powell Street Bart 2012, San Francisco
Berkeley Art Center “Unspoken”.
dance anywhere® at: SFMOMA, Oakland Museum of CA, Asian Art Museum, Berkeley Art Museum
Distortion / Oakland Museum 2011, Oakland CA
Geary to Togonon / Togonon Gallery 2010, San Francisco, CA
Across the Bridge/ Pedestrian Bridge, 2009, Berkeley, USA
Che Vuol Dire / Frank Ogawa Plaza 2008, Oakland, CA

Berkeley Civics Arts Grant in 
Zellerbach Familly Foundation 

Keeping time, Kala Art Gallery, 2012, Berkeley, CA
Mini Print International, Olive Branch Press, 2012, Ithaca, NY
Royal Society of Printmakers, Banks Gallery, Bankside Gallery, 2012, London, England
Downtown, Shattuck Ave. & Addison, 2012, Berkeley, CA
Every Expression is Justified, 2012, Thoreau Center, San Francisco, CA
Face Me, Sebastopol Center for the Arts, 2012, Sebastopol, CA
National Juried Exhibition, 2011, ACCI Gallery, Berkeley, CA
Light / Dark, 2011, Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley, CA
A Marriage of Opposites, 2011, Alameda Public Library, Alameda, CA

Beth Fein


From a Corner...

19.11.2012 to 07.12.2012

"From a Corner of my Memory", the project that American artist Beth Fein will develop in ´ace, intends to bring the imagery and memories she has carried with her times in Argentina. Her first trip (the first of many)  was in 1973,  most of the time spent in Mendoza.  The artist has long wanted to bring these images from Argentina into her artwork. The residency will be the perfect opportunity to immerse herself in the current art culture and bring the long held imagery into her current art practice, combining it with new impressions of today’s Argentina.


I am continually exploring the blurring of the line between art and everyday experience. Objects, dreams, personal experiences and places are interwoven into the fabric of my art expressing the idea that art can happen at any given moment without declaration or delineation. It is the perceptual reexamination of the ordinary that is at the core of my work. Movement has always been a basic element of both my two and three dimensional work, so that the work (first in ceramic and metal and now printmaking) has always had a kinetic sensibility that evolved as a natural expression from my training as a dancer. I am investigating the integration of the concepts of, performance and visual art forms as well as the whimsical chance elements involved in these. The process of the transformation (the multiple changes to the image) and the final prints in many ways mirror the process of creating movement and performance.