Beatriz Guzman Catena
Bahia Blanca, Argentina / Lives and works in France.

After a preparatory cycle in engineering, she studied architecture at the University of Buenos Aires, where she graduated in 2001. Her interest in the transversality between real space and represented space, its construction and genesis, allows her to integrate the Center Poésis de Investigación in architecture.
1999 Receives a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts. Ateliers Beaux-Arts of the Ville de Paris, (Glacière).

Studio Sledge, Colombes / La Flotte-en-Ré / Galerie Argentine, Paris / Galerie Circé, Lille
Bridgehampton, NY
Art for Autism, Paris
Emmanuelle G Gallery, Greenwich, CT
L'Amandier Studio, Paris
Galerie Argentine, Paris
Le ventre de la baleine, Pantin
Art on Paper NY
MAC Paris
12ème Biennale d'Issy

B. Guzman Catena



10.07.2018 to 13.07.2018

What spaces contain, their links and objects: so many starting points for pictorial scenes that allow us to question the construction of reality.
I build my pieces with a set of different stories, choosing the white spaces through a whim or a hunch. For the beauty of a metaphor or for the need of repair. To sketch a symbolic work between what we know and what we feel.
I work on the notion of instability in relation to personal stories, searching toattribute new readings and interpretations to them. Making these stories, continuous retranscriptions.

«... the accumulation of the past over the past continues without respite. Everything, without a doubt, follows us at every moment: what we have felt, thought,
beloved since our early childhood, is there, hanging on the present with which it will join, exerting pressure against the door of consciousness that would want to leave it out. «
The creative evolution, by Henri Bergson