Ann Kresge
1957. Wisconsin. USA.
Has lived in Europe and NY and is currently a resident of Salem, Oregon. 

BA in Studio Art from Smith College
MFA in Printmaking and Graphic Design from Pratt Institute.

Exhibitions and performance of projects in collaborations: US, Japan, Mexico, Europe and China.

Collections: The National Museum of Women In The Arts, Washington DC, The Victoria and Albert Museum, London, Yale University, Vassar College, New York Public Library, US Library of Congress, and the Art Institute of Chicago.

Artist-In-Residence: Mac Dowell Colony (NH) , Artlife Latinoamericano (Mexico City), Atelier 17 (Paris) Women’s Studio Workshop (NY), a Library Fellow at National Museum of Women In the Arts (Washington DC) and a Teaching Artist at Sitka Center (OR). She was awarded The Ford Family Fellowship at the Djerassi Resident Artists Program (CA).

Ann Kresge


Gathering Spaces

11.06.2018 to 06.07.2018

Ann Kresge's interests lie in expressing a sense of place through symbol, color and texture. Her artists’ books include flyable pages and an interactive shadow puppet theater. Her interart work involves installations, video, stage sets and collaborations with improvisational musicians, poets and dancers.


My career as a professional artist has involved creating, exhibiting, collaborating, performing and teaching. My art begins in an interior place and spirals out to the viewers. My intent is that it resonates for them in both personal and universal ways.

Though my work is non-representational it is both narrative and autobiographical. It chronicles life events and shares a sense of place based on my travels. I do this through pattern, color, form, texture and a mix of materials. I incorporate written and spoken text, sound and movement.  I make artists’ books, prints, paintings, installations, constructions, and video and collaborate with dancers and musicians. With roots in printmaking and book arts I employ approaches inherent to those media. I think in layers, series and sequence. Though expansive in my mix of materials, I am consistent in my artistic concerns. Through my explorations and resulting work I am interested in providing viewers the opportunity to make connections and discover their own narratives.

While an AIR at ACE I will continue to explore the theme of Gathering Spaces.  I intend to make prints and book structures expressing the concept of ideas and communities gathering. I feel this is important in the healing of a currently divisive world.

During a life of art making, I have expanded in my approaches and stayed true to my vision.  I am compelled to make art and continue to apply my sensibility to new forms and media.  I am interested in the power of art to invite viewers to discover their own stories through an aesthetic experience.