Andrzej Tarasiuk
1980, Poland.
Lives and works in Canada.
Co-founder and Director of The Vendart Project.

2014, BFA in Drawing & Painting from Ontario College of Art and Design University 

2017, Toronto Art Fair
2015, Joseph D. Carrier Art Gallery. 

2018, LABVERDE, Brazil
2016, two self-directed residencies, Un poco del Chocó - Nature Reserve and Biological Field Station, Ecuador
Esperanza Verde, Wildlife Rescue Centre, Peru

Andrzej Tarasiuk


Nature: ...

24.09.2018 to 19.10.2018

Andrzej Tarasiuk is an artist dedicated to painting, sculpture and photography. Through these disciplines, he thinks and reflects on the states of transformation, change, topics related to ecology, industry, etc. During the month in 'ace he will be designing machines that mimic the transformation processes of states, oxygenation, etc. that a tree makes. Andrzej does not pretend to arrive to fixed answers through his practices but finds in the undefined of the absurd an interesting space to arrive at temporary answers.


Recently, at the Labverde residency, I have learned a lot of new things about the Amazon and how it interconnects with the continent and the world.  I am especially excited about idea of the Amazon as a Biotic moisture pump which moves and manages moisture throughout most of South America. A single large tree in the Amazon alone pumps 1000 liters of water into the atmosphere every day! In the context of deforestation and the very real possibility of human actions leading to the collapse of this crucial planetary life support system I am interested in the questions of how are we to cope? Can technology replace what we are destroying? What would that even look like? What is the Real Cost associated with tempering with Ecosystem Services and how is this related to our value systems and culture?
During my time at Projecto ACE’ I will be designing absurdist technology geared towards replacing the forest in the event of the Amazon collapsing, in effect creating a technological replacement for the Biotic moisture pump. As inspiration I am looking to current vaporizing systems, boilers, pumps, furnaces, solar panels, wind turbines and pipe systems. This will complement my continuing exploration of reality as process and how it is embodied within landscape exemplified within three visual categories: access points, natural systems and human settlements. The works produced will be based on my photography taken during Labverde.