Andrea Saltini (Italia, 1974). 
Master en Bellas Artes. Master en Comunicación UDP (1997/98). Pintor.

FLY AWAY FROM THE WORLD -55th Bienal Internacional de Arte de Venecia, Venecia, Italia.
NEVER AGAIN - Centro de Exposiciones Agrícolas en Beijing, China.
DELIA SUITE PRJ (artista en residencia) - Hangart Studio, Pavia, Italia.
entre otras.

TIAF SELECTION '15. Row Factory, Londres
LYNX AWARD ’15, Fortezza Nuova, Livorno, Italia

BELIEVING THE LIGHT – Museo dello splendore Giulianova Marche (TE), Italia.
AND ALL THE OTHER MEN OF ATLANTIS PRJ – Artist retreat at Imaginarium Studio, Port St Francis, Eastern Cape, Sudáfrica


Andrea Saltini


L´ultima volta...ancora


Andrea Saltini completed his residency with an exhibition opened in the 'aceNITE of March 16, the first of 2016. The work of the Italian artist occupied the mezzanine and the central hall of the ‘ace house.

Andrea worked in painting on paper, with pieces in different sizes, in some cases he used colors, beyond his habit of working mainly with black and white. We can say that two themes appeared in his series: the one he initially planned to develop during his residence in Buenos Aires —tango— but also works in which human figures are accompanied by animals or human figures appear in surreal postures. For the tango, he produced a composition that took the character of a couple of dancers who get more and more together until they become one, analyzing the intentional or sometimes forced connections between dancers, the idea of how one person is absorbed by the other, and how the two may become a third different unity or how one erases the other.