Amanda Millet-Sorsa 
(USA, 1987) graduated as Master in Fine Arts in the New York Studio School, USA. Studied as well Politics and Economics in France. In the last years Amanda has participated of numerous exhibitions in London, USA and France. 

A. Millet-Sorsa



20.08.2013 to 06.09.2013

"How much has first to be discovered, then suppressed, before one can reach the naked flesh of emotion"
Claude Debussy to Robert Godet on December 18, 1911

Resident Amanda Millet-Sorsa expresses the ideas to develop at her residence at `ace:

“Currently I'm obsessed with cave paintings. Going back to essentials and looking at cave paintings has been on my mind, which has inspired the direction of my current work. The urgency of those first marks left in the dark caves and grottos were the first signs of communication and establishing a human passage. I want to find out what is essential today for my work to have presence. Claude Debussy's thoughts are apt in this respect:

I'm drawn to the alchemy of working with different materials and surfaces. It has been very important in my development. I aim to understand the potential of the materials I use through intuition and see what I can do with my sensibility and touch. 

This residency in printmaking and putting together a mural installation will give new means to my understanding of materials and open up the potential of collage for my paintings”. 


It all starts with a stain. The tactile contact between thinned out pigment and its surface of stretched canvas, undulating fabric, or paper maché, either with a finger, a brush, or a rag is my starting point. Then images of women, dolls, and creatures begin to emerge. I pay attention to these evolving figures and how they cope with unknown realms of fear -- of loss, of falling, of disappearing. I'm interested in the transparent and multi-layered potential of paint and collage.