Born in Rome (1975).
He studied Scenery in the Academy of Fine Arts at Rome. 


A.C. En Officine dell'Immagine Milan, Italy
2800 Gr, M.L.A.C. La sapienza Rome, Italy
Ludicantropia, Rome, Italy
Fumo Solo,Rome, Italy


Les intermittences du coeur, 2012
Inner Homeland, Belfast, UK
54 Esposizione Internazionale d’Arte, 
Bienal de Venecia, Italy
XV Quadriennale di Roma, 2008
X Biennale D’Arte Contemporanea. Cairo, Egypt

Alessandro Cannistrá



10.10.2012 to 30.10.2012

Alessandro Cannistra lives most of the time in Rome and works among Rome, Milan and Berlin. He has participated in seminars and debates on contemporary art, having exhibiting recently in  Art Basel, Basel and  Scoope Miami. The artist has worked with major international curators as Andrea Bruciati, Achille Bonito Oliva, Beatrice Buscaroli, Lorenzo Canova, Simonetta Lux as well as the new generation as Manuela Pacella. Ace is happy to have Alessandro as a guest artist, exhibiting his work "Altrove" (smoke on paper) in our main hall. We also thank Massimo Scaringella his curatorial work and the contact with the artist.

Alessandro Cannistrà takes in the surface, with his works, a tour of borders and of balance, far beyond of all expressive, conscious territoriality of which the work of an artist, to arrange thoroughly the own vocation and mission, cannot any more that to deprive of authority and to flee both of the word and of the territory. Space of the art and of the twist of the above mentioned word, the foundation of an extraterritoriality perpetuates that becomes aware in Cannistrà's work is perceived in the material and natural evidence, in the evocation of the esoteric grace hurriedly become related to the Roman painting, where the black is given only by the darkness and not by his identity as color. The pictorial force of this distant, chance, cultural, intellectual and oneiric putting together with the painting of the nature, friend of the fire, of the land, of the light and of the black smoke is, on the other hand, an occasion for the diagonal and unexpected jump of the same territory: the exposed works transport and bring into play, parallel to the evocation of the light and of the heat of the fire, a cold air loaded with the Sturm and northern Drang of the first romanticism. Such a fascinating way of perceiving and pro - to propose the sometimes non-existent nature and the reflection of a free painting of the meditation and live in few gestures and in the same own nature.

    The oneiric dimension, or rather this threshold that has us suspended between the reality and the oneiric production, therefore also artistic representation, is the only moment in which we can get lost, to realize that condition to be others that we themselves, as Baudrillard says.