Born in Limeira, San Pabo, 1985.
He studied Visual Arts in the Faculdade de Administração e Artes of Limeira. Currently she works as an artist and a teacher.

"Entre paredes" SESC 2014
Several group exhibitions in Brazil and the United States

2013 24° Mostra Arte da Juventude no SESC 2013 Award
Ribeirão Preto, Brazil




Palimpsest [3]

13.04.2015 to 21.04.2015

Brazilian artist Wesler Fagner (ALMA) is doing a residence in mural painting among the Palimpsest Project. This project invites emerging artists to perform visual dialogues between the works of each other on the terrace of our headquarters. Alma´s mural adds new images and "conversations" to previous interventions which were begun by the Colombian Felipe Garcia and continued by collective "Kiik Create" (Puerto Rico-USA) and "Buck Teeth Girls Club" (Canada)


"ALMA" is Wesler Fagner Machado's pseudonym. It is in Limeira's streets, his home town, where a big part of his work is located. Black and a virtuous line is what predominates in his mural painting. Alma also works with other formats, always using objects and elements that he finds in his daily journeys through the streets like wood, paper and more. His creative universe is full of images that invoke antropo-zoomorphic beings and exotic maps. 

His most recent series establish links between two and three-dimensional representations, using graphic design's language as an explicit act of construction. Lines are projected outside the walls through pieces of wood. In his 10 years of experience many different references can be founded, from detailed geometric drawings from African art to Bosch's and Goya's alegoric mosntruosities. CAROLINA ROBIN