Directed by:
Alicia Candiani and
Adriana Moracci
Valeria Zamparolo

Tania Abrile
Sandra Astuena
Alejandra Bagolini
Aida Cherkoff
Mariana Felcman
Aldana Ferreyra
Alicia Galindo
Silvia Guigon
Laura Lambré
Laura Menendez
Teresa Pego
Claudia Rofman
Micaela Trocello
Liliana Waipan
Gabriela Zelentcher

Libros de artista


"Al Fresco" Books

05.01.2012 to 10.01.2012

Related with the exhibitions of artists' books MIMB I & II and "Alchemy and other incompleteness", and as the first activity of the year, ‘ace offered in January this exciting and unique project on artist's books in small format. Participants had the opportunity to study the more than 140 books (and resulting formats and folding) that are exhibited during the summer in the Poliglota Gallery as part of the international exhibition of miniature art books MIMB I and II (Monumental ideas in Miniature Books).

Despite the 100F that heated Buenos Aires in these days, a very interesting group of 20 participants (who came from the fields of architecture, graphic design, visual arts, philosophy, psychology, advertising and writing) accepted the challenge of expressing "monumental ideas in miniature books".  In 4 days of intensive work, the participants discussed the projects that roamed around common concerns: time, memory, absence, abandonment, childhood, desire and addiction, the interval, clothing and body among others. 

Participating  artists in this project will be part of a first selection with the possibility of being included in the international exhibition MIMB III, whose international curator is Alicia Candiani. The artist must develop the project and make an edition of 6 for the end of 2012. The  “Al fresco Books” group will meet again in the winter to make a presentation of the final projects.