Akiko Keira
1968. Tokyo, Japan
Lives and works in Chiba, Japan

1992. Women's College of Fine Arts, Japan

The room with Memories at Ishikawa's house in Gyoda, Saitama; 2013 Kobo, Tokyo; 2010 Kobo, Tokyo; 2003 Space Kobo & Tomo, Tokyo

2011 AN; collaboration between Drawings and Flete by Akiko Keira & Naoko Kamiya, café Pont-Aven, Hayama / 1994 10x10x10, MYCAL, Kanagawa / 1993 KARUIZAWA DRAWING BIENNALE 1993, Karuizawa A Point of View, Art space Core, Tokyo

The 5th of TAMON Award: Award for excellence; The Graduation project Award, Women's College of Fine Arts: Award for excellence

The collection of Kashiwa city, Kashiwa

Arteles Creative Center, Hämeenkyrö, Finland

Akiko Keira


To Reduce the Distance

29.01.2018 to 23.02.2018

Akiko Keira is the first artist-in-residence from 2018


For many years I've been drawing with the aim of making“doodle art” worthy of appreciation as an art form.

However, after my first installation work for my private memory, it started having another meaning; I realized the significant influence location has on art. The next stage to explore other possibilities was Finland, a place I had never been before. My first work there was an attempt to counteract nature, which I saw as being greater than the humans it surrounded. Not surprisingly, nature had won. As a result I decided to make my second work closer to nature; I tried
to blend with nature rather than oppose it.

Argentina is one of the most distant countries from Japan; therefore I intend to blend or oppose the differences between the two countries to reduce the distance; to harmonize them at the end as a sequel to the work in Finland. This doesn't mean the geographical distance, but rather the emotional distance among the people of those two countries and whatnot. That could fit not only into two countries but also into current global issues. I hope to draw lines to connect the world everywhere.