Adriana Sposito. Laboulaye, Córdoba. 1976

Adriana Sposito



12.12.2016 to 16.12.2016


Through the small format and overlapping of images, symbols and colors, Sposito set out to investigate the triple nature of the universe, the dynamic interaction between its three aspects: the manifest, the hidden, and the individual, moving between them.
The development of the being in relation and tension with the physical, which follows the organic rhythm of the vital impulses on the one hand and the intangible, the cosmic, spiritual, on the other. This triadic relationship establishes the principle of thirdness, as an odd, open, rotating system that works within the mind; a principle that implies birth, death and constant renewal.
The intention is to overcome dualities, to break with the Western binary dialectic and to advocate discernment by establishing a principle of uncertainty conducive to decision-making.
Sposito concretizes these ideas through the integration of plans and images of diverse nature into supports of complex formats that invite an expanding journey. The human figure as well as any other natural element expresses the organic, chaotic, living aspect. The archeometer expresses the astronomical periodicity unrelated to any living pulsation. Symbols are attempts to unite opposites within the psyche.