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In  adncultura  magazine printed edition of la Nación daily, Celina Chatruc (picture), editor of art, publishes a very good review on residencies in general and especially  those in Latin America and Argentina.

¨The richness of colective experience¨ -Alicia de Arteaga´s insert- tightly defines what is a residency spirit as well as that  which inspires us in ace: "(...) the residences, as contemporary art, are places of porous borders where the other's experience becomes a capital for all. "

Thanks to Celina Chatruc for having included ´ace residencies in this article!

Art / The other gaze
Creation in its purest
Hundreds of artists' residencies demolished social barriers and economic policies around the world, to accommodate those looking for inspiration away from everyday pressures ...
By Celina Chatruc  | LA NACION

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