From 2005 more than 500 visual and performing artists (including music composers) from such diverse countries as the United States (including Alaska), Zimbabwe, Australia (including Tasmania), South Korea, Germany, South Africa, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, Peru, Brazil, Canada, UK, Sweden, India, Malaysia, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Colombia, Belgium, Japan, New Zealand and The Netherlands, among others, have participated as artists-in-residence, within the international projects and exhibition programs, special events and presentations at our´aceNITES.

One-of-a-kind residency in South America that achieves successfully bringing together artists around the world, bridging the gap between old and new technologies and artistic genres.



4th 2019 open call

01.08.2019 to 31.10.2019

'acePIRAR Artist-in-Residence International Program aims to support all kind of contemporary artistic practices (including performance and curatorial proposals) through research and production residencies, promoting the exchange, debate, experimentation and collaborative work. A program that provides time, space and guidance to explore expanded as well as traditional print media, while it connects the artists with the art scene of Buenos Aires, Argentina, one of the Latin America cultural capitals.

OCTOBER 31st, 2019 

The program offers different residencies in order to best fit each project:
PRODUCTION | EXPLORATION | SUB30 (residency for artists under 30) | PALIMPSEST (residency for mural painting) | MICRO-RESIDENCY (5 days)

The program encompasses a period of 4-weeks. Slots can be selected HERE. Artists can apply for any slot for 2018-19 among those posted at the website. Residency working time starts on first Monday at 10am and ends on last Friday at 6pm. 

There is not a minimum or maximum age to apply for a residency (although there is a lower fee for artists younger than 30 years old), as well as there is not discrimination regarding country of origin, race, language or gender identity when candidates are selected.

Artists have two different possibilities of lodging: 
A) Aloj´ace are our two guesthouses which are located in different points of the city, both very handy to come to the 'ace studio. One is only 8 blocks (5 minutes walk) in the Belgrano R neighbourhood. The other one is only 15 minutes away by train, in the city center, around many cultural attractions.  Both apartments are equipped to accommodate artists and curators, fully furnished with a full kitchen and bath and all cost (Internet WI-FI, cable television, local phone usage, cleaning, linen and utilities) included. Each apartment can receive up to two artists or a single artist with accompaniment.

B) Artists may arrange their own lodging by renting an apartment, staying with friends or in hostels, hotels, B&B, etc. Buenos Aires is a city that offers many lodging options.

Artists that choose the PRODUCTION Residency use the 'ace workshop: a large, quiet space with lots of light coming from several large windows and two skylights. The shop includes equipment to facilitate a variety of traditional and new print processes including Intaglio, Monotype/Monoprint, Woodblock, Waterless Lithography, Silk-aquatint, Photopolymer Intaglio, as well as artists' books and Drawing.

Artists who choose the EXPLORATION residency work in The Tower: a quiet and luminous studio located on the second floor with open view, accessibly by a spiral staircase. It is ideal to research, study, write and create.

Non application fee. The production residency has a basic fee and the artist can select other options: lodging, materials or technical assistance. Basic fee covers studio space, access to equipment. The residency fee does not include travel, health insurance and shipping expenses.

After receiving all the information for the specific type of residency (Production, Exploration, SUB30, Palimpsest mural painting residency or micro-residency) artists complete an application form which the 'ace team will provide.