Rafael Trelles, (Santurce, Puerto Rico) has been our artist-in-residence and is Bachelor in Art, University of Puerto Rico . He also pursued graduate studies at the Autónoma University of Mexico. In 1985 he moved to Canary Islands in Spain and since 1986 he lives and works in Puerto Rico .

His most important solo exhibitions includes the Art Museum of Puerto Rico, the Bilbao Vizcaya Bank and the Botello Gallery of San Juan, Puerto Rico; the Elite Fine Art Gallery of Miami, USA; the University of Mexico and the one in Santa Cruz Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain.

He has been awarded with the first prize for best exhibition in contemporary media from the Puerto Rico Art Critics Association; the “Emeritus Award” for the excellence of his artistic career from the National Endowment of Puerto Rico , as well as the Art Medal from the Puerto Rican Association of Artists, A.I.A.P.U.N.E.S.C.O.

Rafael Trelles


In Concrete

10.08.2007 to 30.08.2007

About “En Concreto, in Buenos Aires / Urban Graphics”

“En Concreto” is an artistic project of urban interventions developed by Rafael Trelles since the summer of 2004 on the walls, sidewalks and utility poles of several cities as well as in the Vieques Island, Puerto Rico . It is an experimental graphic work originally designed to be placed in poor and abandoned sectors of the cities. Proyecto´ace invited the artist to continue this project in Argentina . During August 2007 the artist worked on sidewalk and wall interventions in the Caballito, Nuñez and San Telmo neighborhoods. As this is an urban project and took place on the streets.

See video of the project