Micaela  Trocello was born in Cordoba, Argentina in 1978. She graduated BA in Printmaking from the National University of Cordoba (2009). She studied with the artist Alicia Herrero, CCRR, UBA (2006) and Patricia Avila UNC (2008). Currently, she develops her artistic work, produces illustrations for books and magazines and teaches art at the Institute of Child Musicians, Foundation Herbert Diehl, Córdoba.

Fictional Constructs, Everyday Spaces, Cangiano Josephine Gallery, Cordoba. About Glazes and Other Obsessions, Bishop Market, Cordoba. Photo incisions, Zonadearte, Quilmes, Buenos Aires.

II and III Atlantis Award. Coruña, Spain, (2010 and 2012); Acquisition Award Salvador Caputto, Santa Fe-Argentina, (2009)

Micaela Trocello


Jiménez´s Passion

02.07.2012 to 16.10.2012

Micaela Trocello, an artist  from the city of Córdoba, is back to ´ace to continue her visual research exploring the culture of the "Cuarteto"*that she started in April 2012. With this artist that come from Argentine provinces we continued with the new residencies program designed for artists living in Argentina. In this new format, which meets the expectations and possibilities raised by the same artists, residencies are conducted over six months with an artist's physical assistance for production of work in our workshops during one week each time (total three weeks) while the project has reviews during the remaining time. In addition, the residences are partially sponsored by the Fundación ´ace para el Arte Contemporáneo, which means that they have a reduced tuition.

* "Cuarteto" (Spanish= quartet) is a music genre that was born in Cordoba, Argentina.


Jiménez ´s Passion
This project that might be called "artistic - anthropological" which addresses the poetic universe that surrounds Carlos "La Mona" Jimenez a popular icon and referent of the Cuarteto from Cordoba, Argentina. As in many of his works, Micaela is immersed in everyday domestic and also "extraordinary" situations as the Dance of  La Mona, investigating a conceptual screening is an intimate relationship between the lyrics of the quartet and the recurrent theme artist: Women, love, passion, idolatry, but also hatred and sin.