Marijke de Vries was born in Alkmaar, The Netherlands in 1954. This artist has been working as a painter for a long time. Since more than a decade she is also a dancer and a choreographer. The artist studied at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam concentrating on painting and monumental arts.

She has exhibited individually since 1980 at Wetering, D´Theeboom and Vassallucci galleries in Amsterdam and in Van Mourik Gallery in Rotterdam, among others, and has participated in numerous group exhibitions in The Netherlands and New York.

She has received a travel grant and a stipend from the Ministry of Culture of her native country to work in New York City, the Silver Medal of the “Prix de Rome” and several monumental commissions by the city of Amsterdam. 

Marijke de Vries



04.05.2009 to 22.05.2009

During her residence at ´ace, Marijke has researched several print techniques to materialize an artistic world which sometimes reflects her other passion: dance.


A transformation, like Odysseus’, often happens when one finds oneself far from home, like I did in my own Odyssee of going 16 times to Buenos Aires. Working mostly with dance/choreography, I discovered different layers of reality in the city, mirroring worlds inside. My adventures and experiences led me to reflection, forming the theme of this project. The way that “layers” of the outside reality reflects upon the soul creates tension, leading to stories which ask for translation into ‘visual poetry.