Born in New Zealand, lives in Australia.

Master of Visual Arts at SCA, University of Sydney in 2005, a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Hon) SCA, in 2003 and a Diploma of Visual Communication, Christchurch Polytechnic, New Zealand in 1991. Currently she is a Fine Arts tutor at the Illawarra Institute of Technology, Moss Vale and Goulburn. 

Solo exhibitions include "Nothing’s black and white" at James Dorahy Project Space, Sydney, 2013 and word-bloc, 2011. Trans-located at Bundaberg Regional Gallery, 2010, Mis-Translated at Wollongong City Gallery, 2009 and Modularised  at Tin Sheds Gallery, University of Sydney, 2008.

Finalist in the Fremantle Print Awards, Melbourne Art Fair (2012), VARIO print exchange at Goulburn Regional Gallery and Cardiff, Wales and Royal Bank of Scotland Emerging Artist Award (2011)

Her work is represented in public and private collections in Australia and New Zealand including Dimensional Fund Australia and The University of Wollongong. 

Julie Krone



14.07.2014 to 01.08.2014

Julie Krone’s practice is based on her interest in cultural issues of identity.Born in Dunedin in the South Island of New Zealand, her work explores what it means to be a Pakeha (white European) growing up alongside a rich indigenous culture (Maori). After moving to Australia in 1993, Julie established her practice in Robertson, NSW, finding that the distance from her homeland allowed her to reflect on her New Zealand childhood experiences. 


Mimicry, often set up as the opposite of ‘originality’ or ‘uniqueness’, is designated an inferior position, and yet it is the vehicle through which shared communication and meaningful interaction take place. It is through mimicking that I will attempt to understand other cultures and make work that is open to mis-translation. The overlap of cultures and their languages create dynamic passages, where ownership is debated and exchange takes place. 

My work will involve large-scale prints that can be folded and unfolded into architectural forms. Different sized modules will be wrapped in text, playing with manipulations and seductions inherent in the written word and expanding them into three-dimensional space. Examining the way language is often mistranslated when experiencing another culture I will appropriate words and patterns particular to Argentina and place them perhaps mis-appropriately in an Australian context.  I aim to suggest possibilities for cross-cultural dialogue.

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