Julián Miguel Matta (Chaco, Argentina, 1985) is a visual artist. He studied Film Direction at the Universidad del Cine in Buenos Aires. Currently he works as a lecturer at the Universidad Nacional Del Nordeste.

His work has been part of several exhibitions along Argentina and internationally.

In 2014 he participated in the grant from the Fondo Nacional de las Artes, Argentina. He received a scholarship from the Dirección de Artes Visuales de la Provincia de Chaco. In 2015 he won the prize awarded by Arte Vittal, Fundación 'ace for a micro residence at 'acePIRAR | Artist-in-Residence International Program.


Julian Matta


Arte Vittal

09.11.2015 to 13.11.2015

Julian Matta is an artists from Chaco, Argentina who won a micro-residency through the Premio Arte Vittal Award. We believe we have met him at the right time as he is at a particular moment of his career, re-thinking the work he has done in the past in order to structure and focus its future work. Therefore, during his micro-residency he will focus in something that the Fundación 'ace always does with the artists, collaborating in the conceptualisation of his body of work and in the application process for international institutions where he is interested in developing  his formation.


I am a multidisciplinary artist. I studied film and my thought is structured within the classic narrative. I work with drawing, painting, video, film and site-specific. I am interested in showing the process of construction of the work with an ironic and cynical tone. I seek to experiment with the shape in order to reveal its artifice. I believe that my work is constantly in progress and I try to integrate the viewer, dialogue with him or her. I research mechanisms of seduction and manipulation in mass culture: classic Disney animation, superheroes archetypes and Hollywood stories.

In 2015 my visual and narrative concerns lead me to assemble a team of audiovisual productions as an intervention to a room as a film set. Building a tour through a lugubrious and decadent atmosphere, drawing a blurry line between representation and the represented.