Digital & Graphic

The group of investigation dx5 digital and graphic art research is created in 2004 by Jose Antonio Castro Muñiz (Kako Castro), assigned to the Department of Drawing of the Faculty of Fine arts of the University of Vigo. In the middle of the year 2006, Ana Soler Baena assumes together the labors of co-direction and coordination of the group.

Anne Heyvaert
José Andrés Santiago
Marina Núñez
Elena lapeña
Sheila Pazos

Laboratorio de Técnicas gráficas Facultad de Bellas Artes Pontevedra


Inter(vals) the_intangible_counterfoil


The book is focused on the graphical contemporary diffusion from a 
theoretical - practical reflection where they interdrive art and 
technology. It treats of aspects related to the evolution of the 
technologies of print and incision, that it moves away from the 
traditional forms and they turn more technological, that is not 
anything that was given at random, but a coherent way and good 
established from the thought of the new needs of the current artists 
and his way of expressing across this new way.

There are exposed and describe aspects, ideas and concepts belonging 
to the creation of works generated with the new means and the change 
of the paradigm that has experienced the graph in the present.