The Production Residences offer one month residencies (4 weeks) to work on individual or collaborative projects proposed by the artists themselves. 

These residences are intended to produce a project or a site-specific installation that questions the singularity of the art object by using the reproducible capacity of printmaking, photography, new media, design and/or their interfaces,  blurring their boundaries.

The Program is intended to foster personal vision by offering professional and emerging artists a unique opportunity to create without interruption. The residents will expand their art and experience by making contact with Argentine and other international artists, while working in the dynamic environment that the city of Buenos Aires provides.

1) Artists at all stages of their careers coming from all disciplines of Visual Arts.
2) Printmakers who want to have specific equipment and assistance to produce their work, artists who need technical assistance working with printmaking and new media and artists interested in making site-specific installations.

1) To create a new body of work or to develop an ongoing project. For example: create a new series, make editions, portfolios, artist's books, design a prototype using laser or CNC cuts, etc. 
2) To work on a new body of work. Resident artists are given the option to exhibit the successful completion of their project in the Poliglota Room as the culmination of their residency. 
3) Produce a site-specific installation at the Poliglota Room or the Central Hall. When completed, the installation will be opened to the public with a formal reception in an exhibition format. 


Registration is free. We have four open calls per year. Deadlines on January 31th, April 30th, July 31th and October 31th.


The micro-residency is a format of work that seeks significant results in a short period (one week). In this way it becomes a space for informal knowledge exchange and inspiration, between the resident and the host organization, and to some extent between the resident & the local scene.
Find more information about the micro-residency here

´ace is an independent non-profit organization. Currently, it does not have financial resources to sponsor the residencies. The residency has a fee that should be paid by the artist or sponsors in their countries of origin. 

Selected artists within this program are provided with lodging at Aloj´ace and meals during working days at the studio. The artist can work in the print studio, using the equipment available in our workshops or in the associated ones, receiving technical and professional assistance and most of the materials needed for the production of the project.The project/installation can be mounted and displayed in Políglota Room or Central Hall, being formally presented to the community by a reception. Exhibitions are open to the public from 3 to 4 weeks after completion of the residence.

Poliglota Room
Central Hall