The Exploration Residences, as opposed to production residencies, emphasize the process over the presentation of the results, encouraging residents to get inspiration from the new experiences achieved through the interaction with other resident artists and the cultural enviroment that the city of Buenos Aires provides.

1) Professionals as well as emerging visual artists and performers from all disciplines within the visual arts.

2) Curators who want to have time and space for reflection or to use our library specialized in print and digital media, while being immersed in a unique cultural environment.

Work on an independent visual or theoretical research. In this option the resident will have access to a private studio "The Tower" and to the library. (up to 4 weeks)

Registration is free. We have four open calls per year. Deadlines on January 30th, April 30th, July 31th and October 31th.

Ace is an independent non-profit organization. Currently, it does not have financial resources to sponsor the residencies. The residency has a fee that should be paid by the artist or sponsors in their countries of origin. 

Selected artists within this program can be provided with lodging or may select their own lodging in the city. Meals are served during working days at the studio. The resident is entitled to work in a private studio, "The Tower ", and to use the common areas of the cafeteria, restrooms and terrace.