Carlos Bissolino start to paint when he was very young painting and was one of the first students of Felipe Noe. He holds a University Professorship at IUNA. In his work, Bissolino manages a very rich language and complex images and is part of important collections in Argentina and abroad. He lived during the 80´s in Italy. In 1981 he received the grant Francesco Romero from the FNA and the Italian Embassy. During 6 years of residence in Rome, he made lot of landscape paintings. The geometry, the illusory and metaphysics come together in his works made with acrylic and brushes. Since the 90´s he lives in Argentina where he produces a more eclectic painting in larger and technical variety. In 1995 he began to paint and build objects, furniture, unique pieces that allude to sculpture and object design. Currently he made landscape paintings where color saturation and intensity are the protagonists. He has participated in numerous individual and group shows in galleries and art fairs nationally and internationally and won several awards, including Francesco Romero, awarded by the Italian government.

Carlos Bissolino


The Number 10


Carlos Bissolino (Argentina) will be doing portfolio review at ´ACE on June 3rd, 2010. Artists interested in this activity please communicate with us for fee information by e-mail info(at) or call us to 4551-3218.


Beginning the second decade of the century "The number 10" Program has been redefined under the name "The new decade" inviting curators of the middle generation and incorporating outstanding visual artists. During 2010, ten of the most skilled and relating figures of the contemporary art circuit, will interview the artists who will have the opportunity to share their ideas and projects, in addition to receiving specialized criticism about their work with the aim of finding alternative development and promotion. We believe that this exercise is necessary as a tool for the development of the image of the artist.