Ana Maria Battistozzi, art critic, curator and cultural manager. BA in Art History from the UBA. Pursued graduate studies in Art Theory and Criticism at UBA. Museology Seminar: design, event planning and management of contemporary art, issued by the Guggenheim Museum, NY, with auspices of the FNA. Since 1986 she works as art critic of the newspaper Clarin in BA the Ñ magazine. Is Professor of Production and Circulation of art work and Organization, Production and marketing of arts events at IUNA. She also holds a Seminar on Art Criticism in the career of Art at the UP. Between 2000 and 2007 was adviserr to the Ministry of Culture of BA where she designed and directed the Open Studio Art Festival in its nine editions. In 2004 she was director of the Dialogue Project Berlin-Buenos Aires and organized for the first time in BA the event "Night of the Museums." Between 2002 and 2007 she was curator of the Casa de la Cultura space. She has been jury of numerous prizes & awards including the Costantini Prize & the Konex 2002. She was National Hall of Honor Jury in 2000 and 2005 and 2006 of the OSDE Award. In 2006 she was jury of the prize at Telefónica Foundation for Research in History of Fine Arts in Argentina.

Ana M. Battistozzi


The Number 10


Ana María Battistozzi (Argentina) will be doing portfolio review at ´ACE on Friday, October 22nd, 2010. Artists interested in this activity please communicate with us for fee information by e-mail info(at) or call us to 4551-3218.


Beginning the second decade of the century "The number 10" Program has been redefined under the name "The new decade" inviting curators of the middle generation and incorporating outstanding visual artists. During 2010, ten of the most outstanding figures of the contemporary art circuit, will interview the artists who will have the opportunity to share their ideas and projects, in addition to receiving specialized critic about their work with the aim of finding alternative development and promotion. We believe that this exercise is necessary as a tool for the development of the image of the artist.