Beginning the second decade of the century "The number 10" Program has been redefined under the name "The new decade" inviting curators of the middle generation and incorporating outstanding visual artists. During 2010, ten of the most outstanding figures of the contemporary art circuit, will interview the artists who will have the opportunity to share their ideas and projects, in addition to receiving specialized critic about their work with the aim of finding alternative development and promotion. We believe that this exercise is necessary as a tool for the development of the image of the artist.

Rodrigo Alonso


The númber 10


Professor and free-lance curator. Lives and works between Buenos Aires and Barcelona.

MFA, University of Buenos Aires (UBA), Argentine, specialized in contemporary art and new media.
 Professor at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), Universidad del Salvador (USal) and the National University of Arts (IUNA), Buenos Aires, Argentine.

Professor and member of the Advisor Committee at the Master on Curatorial and Cultural Practices in Art and New Media, Media Centre of Art and Design (MECAD), Barcelona, Spain. Guest lecturer at mayor universities, international conferences and forums in Latin America and Europe. 
Writer, reviewer and contributor for books, art magazines and catalogues. Regular contributor for Ámbito Financiero (Argentine newspaper) and (International art magazine based in Spain).

Books include: Muntadas. Con/Textos (Buenos Aires, 2002), Ansia y Devoción (Buenos Aires, 2003) and Jaime Davidovich. Video Works. 1970-2000 (New York, 2004). 
Curator of contemporary art exhibitions at the most important art venues in Argentine and Latin America, and some international institutions.