PROYECTO ´ACE is an independent artist-in-residence centre in the visual arts located in the city of Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina.

Our residencies, exhibitions, international projects and workshops PROGRAMS act as bridges connecting foreign artists with artists from Argentine provinces and all of them with the urban and social environment of the city, one of the Latin America cultural centers. 

Its MISSION is to promote contemporary artistic practices that involve printmaking, photography, design and new media exploring their mutual interfaces, as well as the capacity of multiple, through research and production residencies; promoting exchange, discussion, experimentation and collaboratively work. 

Our VISION is to be an inspiring place to creativity, only in its kind in South America that achieves to unite artists around the world and to short the distances between old and new technologies and artistic genres.

From Alaska to Tasmania, ´ace has been connecting the international artistic community with the art, artists and the city of Buenos Aires. Symmetrically, it has promoted a network of global relationships within the foreign artists and the institutions participating in the residence programs.