A neighbourhood full of stories

Proyecto’ace is placed in Colegiales, a barrio (neighbourhood) that limits with Belgrano, an upper-middle class neighbourhood, and Palermo, a district which is a hot spot for restaurants, design stores, boutique hotels, craft markets and Colegiales (“Students” in Spanish) was in the past where the Jesuit monks’ summer manor houses and small farm lands were situated. 

Before be expulsed in 1767, they spend the summer with their students in these places. Slowly, the area was growing up to the 59.000 inhabitants who live today in Colegiales’ 2,600 km2. Even bigger than before, it is still plenty of old and spacious houses, gardens with perfumed flowers and a quieter atmosphere than others barrios. Simultaneously, Colegiales is involved in a recovery process which has begun in the 90’s with the installation of several TV studios, artists’ ateliers, art galleries, and spaces that work as the breeding ground for emerging designers. 

In addition to that, the Municipality of the City of Buenos Aires has been restoring the Regio Theatre, the Carlos Gardel Cultural Centre and the Gregoria Pérez Warehouse (where is located the Flee Market) all of them historical places located in the vicinity. Four blocks to Proyecto´ace, the heart of the Belgrano barrio pulses with life on its main thoroughfare, Avenida Cabildo, which runs Northwest to Southeast; the subway (subte) follows its route.

Avenida Cabildo carries heavy automobile traffic, and features corner cafés, grocery stores, movie theatres, delicatessen shops, many bakeries, clothing boutiques, bookstores, and other retail venues, giving the impression of an authentic open-air market street.